Should You Be Taking Career Advice From Career Counselors?

What Do You Do When You Are Confused About Something?Let’s say you are facing a career related confusion; say perhaps you are not sure which career you should get into, or perhaps you are unclear of what course you should take up in college, or for that matter, what subjects you should study in school or college; what would you do if stuck in this kind of situation?More often than not, people take career advice from either their friends, or family or teachers. They feel that the family and teachers have best knowledge about the courses and the subjects and job market and therefore, they would be able to easily give them the best guidance when it comes to career decisions. And sometimes, people think that the emotional connect they have with their friends is what is needed to really understand their dilemma and confusion and guide them out of their career confusion.Finding The Right Approach Towards Making Career DecisionsHowever, this is where people mostly make mistakes when it comes to career decisions. No doubt that friends have an emotional understanding of the personality that one has, and that family and teachers have good knowledge of what is happening in the market and what is an upcoming career and which is high paying job, but, what we tend to forget is that career decisions should not be based on just an emotional understanding of one’s personality or just on the knowledge of our senior about the industry and the market. It is high time that people awaken to the reality that career decisions should be based on what matches one’s aptitude, personality and or interests, or, in simple terms, one’s inherent strengths or talents.There are many who feel that they do not have any talent or that if they choose a career based on their passion and interests then it won’t pay too well. What one must understand and always remember that each person is born with a unique talent. Each person’s talent is made up of their own personality, aptitude and interests. A combination of these 3 can only be unique in each individual.Another factor that one must understand is that if one chooses a career based on just interests, then the chances of not performing well in that career are high. This is because interests are fleeting in nature. What one has an interest in today, might not have the same interest in tomorrow. A classic example for this is how when a child is growing up, his/her desire for an ideal career keeps on changing every year – from being a doctor to a pilot to the prime minister to teacher and so many other careers.That is precisely why; every individual must make the conscious effort of understanding their own aptitude, personality and interests. Once one knows what they are and who they are and what comprises them, then they’d be able to better identify the career that they should get into. And precisely because this course or this career decision is based on ones on inherent strengths, that is why, the chances of performing well and succeeding in that career are high.How To Identify What Is Your Aptitude, Personality And Interest?Now the question arises that how does one identify what is ones aptitude, personality and interests? This is where the role of a career counselor comes in. They measures the aptitude, personality and interests of the individual through scientific methods and psychometric tools, the results of which are then carefully analyzed. After that, a detailed report about the inherent strengths of the person is shared. Careful and appropriate advice is given to the individual on what will be the best suited career for them, what course they must take up, what subjects they should study, and if there is a certain gap between the best suited career and the personality of the individual, then advice is given on what corrective measure can be taken to overcome that gap.Role Of A Career CounselorThis is why the role of a career counselor is beneficial in making career decisions over the role of friends, family and teachers. A career counselor offers advice not on emotional grounds or based on industry norms, or what is the general trend of the time, rather, a career counselor offers advice based on what is the best option for the person, depending on their own unique talent and inherent strengths.So next time you are confused about making a career decision, do yourself a favor and gift yourself the expert advice of a career counselor.

Job Tips – Planning A Career Sabbatical? Factors To Consider Before Taking The Career Break

So, what are the factors to be considered before taking a Career Break or Job Break?Taking a break from job or career is a big career decision. And one needs to ensure all options are weighed properly before taking the decision.Well, most people write to me to ask How and When to take the career break? What I hear them ask is:”How do I know When is the right time to hang the boots temporarily?”You would agree that its one of the toughest career decisions to take a break whether it is designed or by default. I am going to try to make it easy for you if you are considering a career sabbatical or career break.Below are the key factors you need to consider before you decide on taking a break from your current job:1. Deal with the insecuritiesIf you have worked for a while, suddenly deciding to quit may not be easy. One needs to be prudent about this decision and deal with the insecurities it brings along with it. Whether you admit it or not, your mind somewhere thinks about it and it is better that you deal with this before taking the break rather than deal with it later. The manifestation of this insecurity can be quite detrimental to your overall peace and mindset. Whatever may be the reason ( the career break being designed or by default), you need to think through it objectively considering an aspect of your life will not be the same going forward. Look up for career advice to get guidance.2. You don’t need the moneyMost people hold on to their jobs because of the stable income flow at the end of every month. Whether the money is spent to meet personal commitments or to buy the latest gadget or to invest in being the ‘fashionista’ in office, the money that flows in, increases the independence. It not only makes the wallet but you happy too. That is a big one to let go.Have you thought about it? You may not need the money but you may still want to protect your purchasing power and independence.The important think is to ensure that you have made provisions in your mind that month ends will not look and feel the same anymore. A proper career consultant can help you ask and answer the relevant career questions before plunging into a career sabbatical.3. You have a bigger reason to say NOThe fact that you have decided to call it a day at work (albeit temporarily) would mean you have a bigger reason to say to YES to.The key is to have that bigger reason spelt out loud and clearYou will have conviction to deal with the change once you are clear about the reason why you want to take a career break. Whether for further studies, learn a new skill, cultivate a full- time hobby or spend days in leisure, the reason for the career sabbatical should be clear. Usually, I advice professionals to discuss with a Career Consultant to help zero in on the reason for taking a career break. While it may seem that you know why you are taking a career break but often the reason is much-deep rooted than you think and manifests very differently once you have taken a career break.4. Failure in an assignment should not be the reason for taking a break in careerLot of professionals make this career blunder by deciding to take a break in their career if an assignment or job does not work for them. It is a gross error and a sure career limiting mistake. Not only is it a weak moment to take this important career decision but also professionals are not in a state to deal with this crucial change in their professional and personal lives post the break. The critical timing of a career break can multiply the problem and challenges or an enjoyable and fruitful career break depending on when one takes the break.Like a career start helps one build a successful career, a well planned career break re-shapes the career. If you are planning a career sabbatical, plan it well.Whether one gets back to the same career or changes the course of the career, impressing upon the factors to consider before taking the career break will help you make an objective decision about your career.A Career Sabbatical has help people surge in their careers upon return.